Graffix Pro Studio is currently not available for sale outside the United States


GraffixPro Studio® T-Shirt Design Software is an easy-to-use software application that lets you quickly create beautiful designs for your Direct-to-Garment Printer

GraffixPro Studio® software now available!
Intuitive and powerful, this software comes with over 40 fonts and over 300+ images and elements and a library of garment templates, so you can quickly create a personalized design, view it on a garment template and send it to the printer in 3 easy steps.

No need to learn complicated graphics software or photo editing programs - GraffixPro Studio® software includes artwork manipulation, distressed effects, shadows, gradients, and more, so you can take basic artwork and quickly turn it into an artistic design. Complex, artistic designs cannot easily be screen printed. With GraffixPro Studio® Software combined with the digital direct to garment printing process, you can get an edge over screen printing, with designs showcasing intricate gradation, drop shadows and other effects. See how easy it is to achieve higher quality, intricate designs, without putting in hours of effort.
Check out our videos for a visual tour of GraffixPro Studio® software and how it can be an asset to your business.


Quickstart Video 1
(Duration: 39 sec)
Learn how to select a garment, change garment color and modify garment printing options.

Quickstart Video 2
(Duration: 3 minutes & 27 seconds)
This video covers image editing including image manipulation, applying strokes/masks and drop shadow as well as replacing design color and adding transparency.

Quickstart Video 3
(Duration: 3 minutes & 12 seconds)
This video covers how to add text and edit the text, font selection and text manipulation, applying strokes/masks and applying an envelope effect.

Key Features Of GraffixPro Studio® Software

1. Intuitive Software, Easy-To-Use Features:

If you love being creative but don't have the time to learn a complicated software program-then this software is for you! Simply select a garment, pick a design, add text, make adjustments if you'd like to, and you're ready to print! The design effects you can create with GraffixPro Studio® software are truly amazing and easy to accomplish. Easily rotate, resize text or images, add distressed mask or an outline, or change colors... create complex, artistic, personalized images in a matter of minutes! Learn more...

screenshot 1

5. Artwork Manipulation:

There is real magic in how quickly and easily GraffixPro Studio® software lets you transform a regular image to a complex, fancy design.

  • Apply up to two different strokes and be able to control the size of each stroke.
  • Add a shadow, change the color of the shadow, adjust the size of the shadow and the direction of the shadow.
  • Apply a pre-designed mask over the artwork to create a shape
  • Apply a distress effect to the selected artwork
  • Position the artwork (centered, center horizontal, center vertical) and move up/down through the different layers created.

Learn more...

screenshot 5

2. Artwork/Image Library:

This software includes over 300 images/elements from two Action Illustrated Catalogs.† The designs are high resolution images in png format and are displayed in a book format that you can easily browse through and select. Or, if you prefer, find your design instantly with the Search Tool—without browsing through hundreds of designs. More designs will be made available for users to purchase online*†. Learn more...

screenshot 2

6. Color Adjustment Features:

Change the colors in any artwork, add transparency, etc. like in any advanced graphics program, but without the complexity!

  • Color Replace tool: Quickly create a new design by simply replacing the colors in the selected parts of the design.
  • Auto-Match tool: A real time saver! Use the simple interface to get an exact color match for any part of the design. Great for instantly matching text to the design colors.
  • Add Transparency: A single click will make any part of the design transparent. Perfect for removing backgrounds and even parts of the design where you prefer to have the colors of the garment show through instead.
Learn more...
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3. Font Collection:

With over 40 beautiful fonts already categorized, you can create impressive text instantly. And, it is super easy to add effects like arc text, outlines, gradients, distress or change colors. Quickly select a color from the design to use as the font color. Learn more...

screenshot 4


7. Customize Your Software:

You also have the ability to customize the software: how it appears, what is shown in terms of garments, designs, fonts. This can be done through the GraffixPro Studio® Software Administrator. Learn more...

You can:

  • add new garment templates
  • change and create new platen tables
  • add new fonts*†
  • add new design images*†
  • create design and font categories
Customize your software

4. Garment Template Library:

GraffixPro Studio® software comes with some pre-loaded garment templates, and the user will be able to import in their own garment templates or other substrates as well. The user picks a garment template, and then can choose which part of the garment template to print on. The placement of the design on the garment template is helped by the platen border that shows the area that can be imprinted. Learn more...

screenshot 6

8. Barcode Scanning:

A key new feature in version 2.0 (available only in the Premium level) is the ability to scan designs using a barcode.
The Quotation worksheet generated will now include a barcode that can be scanned to instantly retrieve the customer's design from the Design Gallery. This feature is a real time saver as it helps reduce the time required to search through thousands of designs to find the exact design for which a quote was generated. The design's location is also printed on the quote for quick reference.

barcode with quote

Another new feature of version 2.0 is the ability to import EPS catalogs into the design gallery for use in GraffixPro Studio®. The file can be imported along with keywords that help retrieve/search designs later.

That's not all! There are other features like Quote Generator, WaterMark, Save as Template, etc that make the software even more powerful.