Graffix Pro Studio is currently not available for sale outside the United States

Advanced Features

$399.00 each

Please note that GraffixPro Studio is currently only available in the United States of America.

Work fluidly on your most complex designs using tools optimized for creativity and speed. Fast, intuitive tools will keep your creativity flowing.

Watch the video to see the advanced features in action, or browse the feature list below:


Advanced Features
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Create Text with Colored Gradient:

Apply gradient colors to your text with full control over the gradient mix-its super easy to create colorful text with effects that would otherwise take hours of work.

Add an additional Stoke/Border around text and designs:

Use the slider bar to add an extra dimension of bold- you can control the size of the additional stroke as well as the color to give an extra bit of pizzazz and dimension to your design.


Convert an image into grayscale for a vintage look: classic, and timeless.

Barcode scanning:

The Quotation worksheet generated will now include a barcode that can be scanned to instantly retrieve the customer's design from the Design Gallery. This feature is a real time saver as it helps reduce the time and effort required to search through thousands of designs to find the exact design that a quote was generated for. The design will also be placed in the same location on the garment as in the original quote, so you do not have to move or adjust the file again.